Silent Second Mortgage

What is a Second Mortgage? Second Is Silent Mortgage A What. – A silent second mortgage is a second mortgage placed on an asset for down payment funds that is not disclosed to the original lender on the first mortgage. Many existing mortgages contain a “due on encumbrance” clause which says the first mortgage lender can “call” the loan if a second mortgage is placed on the property.

 · True, the holder of a second mortgage is in a subordinate position to the primary lender, and in a foreclosure, doesn’t get a dime until the primary lien is paid in full. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have options. First, a little background. Second mortgages are a.

Silent Second Mortgage What is a Silent Second Mortgage. A silent second mortgage is a second mortgage placed on an asset. BREAKING DOWN Silent Second Mortgage. Silent second mortgages are used when a buyer can’t afford. Silent Second Mortgage Risks. A borrower is required to report a down.

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Silent Second Mortgage Loan Fraud – – A silent second is a type of second mortgage loan that is part of a home sale transaction without the knowledge of the first lender. The "silent" part refers to the seller and buyer not "speaking" to the first financer about a second mortgage loan.

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What Is Silent Second Shared Equity? – Budgeting Money – A "silent second" is a second mortgage — a loan you take out in addition to your first mortgage. The "silent" part means that you don’t have to make monthly payments on it and in many cases, it doesn’t even accrue interest for up to five years. The loan does have to be paid back, but not until you sell or refinance your house.

How to Get Rid Of Second Mortgage – Mortgage Lien. – However, most of the time, you can get rid of the second mortgage lien by filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is referred to as chapter 13 lien stripping. The simple rule of thumb is to determine if the value of your house is less than the first mortgage. If you are upside down on your first mortgage,

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